For many of us, starting our own business has always been a dream. While some may live the dream, others just wish it. But there is one of those men who never wanted to own a business, but today has a successful one to his name.

VKC Noushad founded Walkaroo in 2013, which today is one of the leading shoe brand names in India. VKC Noushad is the president, director of VKC Group, which was founded by his father, VKC Mammed Koya.

Walkaroo is part of VKC Group which has been rated as one of the largest shoe manufacturers in India.

The early years of VKC Noushad

When Noushad was growing up, he was never inclined to go into business of his own. But gradually he became interested in the idea of ​​starting his own business. His interest grew stronger while studying engineering at Thrissur Engineering College.

It was in 1994 that Noushad decided to join the family business. It came together with an approach to improve the existing hawaiian chappals. As he continued researching the footwear market, Noushad realized that he needed to focus more on virgin-grade polyvinyl (PV), which was all the rage in those days.

It was then that Noushad decided to replace rubber with PV.

VKC Group and the success of Walkaroo

While the flagship brand VKC is targeting the base of the pyramid, Walkaroo is positioning itself as an affordable lifestyle brand for middle- and upper-income consumers.

VKC Group has been in business for more than three decades. Today the group has around 20 manufacturing units in six states of India. It also provides employment to some 7,000 people directly and 4,000 indirectly.

Walkaroo reported a turnover of Rs 1,245 crore in the previous financial year. Considering the growth of the brand, Noushad now plans to build it as a separate company.

The success of the brand is due to its policy of making fashionable footwear available at an affordable price. Walkaroo today has made such a big name that Amir Khan | supports the brand.

External factors contributing to your success

In an interview, Noushad said that China’s footwear imports have been drastically reduced, which has provided a great opportunity for domestic shoe manufacturers.

Noushad believes that it has provided a good opportunity for Indian shoe manufacturers, especially those that produce children’s, sports and knitted shoes. He also said that Indian manufacturers should seize this opportunity by launching new products and new designs. Since this is a great opportunity, it will only be covered by one or two players. Making it beneficial for everyone.

Right now, 70 percent of Walkaroo’s business comes from the south, with the east, west and north contributing 10 percent each.

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