To what extent would you convince your parents to buy you something that you have been wanting for a long time? Well, for many of us, this has not been an easy task. We all have memories of our childhood crying in hopes of getting away with it. But sadly, it was all in vain.

Own the latest Play station or even a Game Boy was a dream. But it may seem that this generation has started to do things differently. They have decided to make things happen now.

TO Twitter user shared a photo of his brother and father playing on a PS4. But what’s interesting is that the boy was teaching his dad how to play the game only for him to get addicted and buy him the new one. PS5. Since PS5 is all the rage right now, we totally understand its intentions.

The post was so identifiable that it went viral in no time. The tweet has received over 49.5k likes and almost 7k retweets. People came to applaud the efforts and intelligence of the young man. Honestly, the extent to which it arrived deserves all our thanks.

The Twitter user later clarified that he posted the caption just for fun and that his father and brother were just chilling out. Although it could be true, the shared post sparked a conversation on social media sites.

Some people had ideas and jokingly said they could use this cool strategy too. Take a look at all the tweets you received.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to convince your parents of something you wanted? Mention it in the comment section. Let’s chat.

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