Marie Wright is a popular flavoring agent who has recently introduced more than 500 variants for some of the biggest food brands in the world. She works for Archer Daniels Midland Co. and you might think it’s crazy to experiment with so many different flavors. Well, what is the reason and when are you going to put them in your hands?

So far, companies like PepsiCo, Heinz, and Anheuser-Busch are testing new and extreme flavors. Some of the most beloved flavors are mixing long before COVID-19 hits the world. During and after the lockdown, novelty increased even more like a pang of hunger for creativity.

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You may have heard of these flavor names before. They are not cool but they make you think. Pepsi released an apple pie cola that adds a hint of apple flavor notes, but also overlaps the flavor of the cola. Similarly, Pumpkin Spice came up with a variant of mac and cheese.

What is the New Nostalgia?

Pepsi introduced 4 new flavors to its catalog: hot chocolate, pink peeps, yellow peeps, and apple pie. At a glance, you might not consider these pairings, but you will surely think about giving it a go for your sake. Each variant comes with a sensory experience that takes you back to your favorite season or occasion.

Pepsi hot chocolate comes in a richer consistency that almost reminds you of winter. Chocolate delights can be felt with every sip, but the cola notes bring back the Pepsi. These 4 variants were limited time offers similar to sneaker deliveries. They lasted as long as Pepsi had its campaign on. Pepsi’s Apple Pie was promoted around Thanksgiving 2020.

Also, did you know that Pepsi’s Apple Pie variant was only shipped to dedicated fans and was not sold separately? The idea of ​​the new nostalgia plays on the already loved flavor notes mixed with new ones to create a memorable experience. Here, the Pepsi campaign was a success.

Were you one of the lucky ones to try their limited edition flavors?

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