With the launch of the new season of ‘The family man’ Coming soon to Amazon Prime Video, Srikant Tiwari played by the revered Manoj Bajpayee has decided to play the ideal family man and has applied for a job. This has made it a position to be interviewed by top CEOs of startups and companies.

What started out as a tweet for the digital campaign soon led to Family Man searching for job recommendations, presenting his previous work, and displaying his skills and experience that match the profile he is applying for.

Under the campaign name #TheFamilyManJobHunt, Amazon Prime Video has led this job search for our Srikant Tiwari. With companies getting creative when approaching Srikant for an interview at his company, many were interested in hiring him for open positions at their companies.

The CEOs also participated in the campaign by tweeting in their slots for the interview with our father of the family, which began to improve and was based on the response.

What followed was a series of virtual interviews with Srikant in which he describes his skill set that he has honed as an agent for the counterterrorism task force. However, since you still cannot disclose the same, you face a lot of problems conducting the interview when asked about the nature of your previous job.

The first interview conducted by Ankur WarikooThe NearBuy co-founder was pretty straightforward until he asked Srikant to stay in touch with HR for a background check on his career path thus far.

The next scheduled interview with the vice president of Xiaomi Manu Kumar Jain, it also turned out to be very demanding, as you were asked to create a case study on the work you have done so far. So even though the package he was offered was much more than average, he was still not in a position to accept the offer.

The following virtual interview was conducted by the CEO of Dunzo. Kabeer biswas, in which due to wifi issues, Srikant believed he would be sent to Lonavala instead of Lokhandwala for the position.

The latest interview with the CEO of Oyo, Ritesh aggarwal It was not only funny but also very intriguing. The interview felt much more like a fluid conversation with the discussion revolving around work-life balance and even the benefits of yoga!

Interviews are sure to leave you in a fit of laughter with a bit of a reality check. This digital marketing campaign has left us all intrigued not only by the brands, but it has highlighted the Family Man in a unique way. We are all eager to know where he ultimately gets a job!

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