In recent years, the words sustainable development Y carbon footprint have gained great momentum after the problems of global warming Y climate change have surged. With reforms aimed at reducing countries’ carbon footprints to ensure that resources are not depleted for generations to come, the responsibility for ensuring this rests with companies operating in all countries.

Here are some green steps taken by conglomerates in an effort to adopt a greener lifestyle. The marketing campaigns carried out are aimed at making them known.

1) Coca-Cola

The company is known to be responsible for the largest amount of plastic pollution caused by any company. His campaign titled ‘Round in circles’ with the aim of reminding people that the bottles are recyclable. The information distributed is in a circular creativity that emphasizes the company’s commitment to the development of a circular economy.

2) McDonald’s

In an attempt to reduce fuel consumption, McDonald’s launched a campaign that focused on the use of ‘Used cooking oil’ What ‘Biodiesel’. Using cooking oil as biodiesel helps reduce carbon emissions by 75% compared to diesel, throughout its life cycle. Used cooking oil is used to power refrigerated trucks for McDonald’s supply logistics.

3) Automotive sector

Quite a few brands, namely BMW, Jaguar, Bentley and Volvo, have announced plans in favor of electric vehicles over gasoline or diesel. With fossil fuels now seen as bad for the environment and speculated to be over soon, electric cars have proven to lead the future of the automotive industry.

4) apple

Although this move garnered a lot of negative response as Apple now doesn’t provide a free charging adapter and headphones with any of its iPhones, it did result in a huge backlash from the market leader. However, this has allowed them to focus on reducing e-waste and offering their products in much thinner boxes. This has created a significant impact on reducing waste and has proven to be a brilliant green measure for the company.

Around the world, companies are now focused on reducing their carbon footprint and have taken the issues of climate change, global warming and waste disposal into their own hands. With speculation that the world will soon run out of natural resources, it is extremely necessary for us to understand that sustainable development is the way forward. Marketing campaigns aimed at raising awareness about it go a long way towards bringing the world closer to sustainable development, step by step.

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