The online food delivery platform has become very popular over the years. Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, etc., there are so many brands on the market that they have become a regular part of our daily lives. It’s not just their wide variety of cooking options and nationwide access that makes them so popular, sometimes the delivery guy also puts the brand in the spotlight.
We have all witnessed how these delivery partners work hard in all challenging weather conditions. Even during the COVID lockdown, delivery executives have always done their duty, risking their lives.

People keep sharing stories of their experiences with these delivery executives on social media. These experiences are good and not so good.

Today, one of those stories about a Swiggy delivery executive is going viral. A video shared by YPM vlogs shows a Swiggy delivery executive using the Kawasaki Ninja H2 Superbike for food deliveries.

TO Youtube vloggers, Yadupriyam Mehta, has shared a video of his experience in the life of a Swiggy deliveryman. He did the tests online and went through all the necessary procedures to register for the brand.

Yadupriyam then vlogged his day, giving us a glimpse of the struggle delivery partners face as they work in the scorching heat all day and even battle traffic.

It is unclear if Yadupriyam himself registered as the delivery executive with Swiggy or if he was the ‘uncle’ who was traveling with him. Also, there was no reaction from any customers or restaurant staff to seeing him deliver food on a superbike. It would have been fun to see some shocked expressions.

The video shared on the YPM page has received over 800k views since it was last posted. Many people were impressed by the entire video, while some pointed out how it could be more expensive to use a superbike in such a congested city to deliver food.

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