Recently, a young man from Mumbai went viral for his internship application at Cred. And how did that happen? Well, we all know that it can be extremely difficult to land your dream job or internship, and being innovative to get the company’s attention is one way to go about it as a result. Avkash Shah, a 3D motion / graphic designer posted a motion video he created on Linkedin to get the attention of Cred’s hiring team.

By tagging the founder of Cred and the head of the design team, he not only got responses from them, he was hired as well. And all this happened only on Linkedin!

His creativity and attention-grabbing tact were beyond your average job search. We all know that it’s the way we can get our resume to the hiring manager’s desk that takes the most effort and this new way of getting noticed could soon catch up.

Avkash’s Instagram post has also gone viral and has gained quite a bit of popularity with famous influencers commenting on the post.

His post on Linkedin has also got everyone talking in the comment section.

Twitter has also exploded in amazement at Avkash’s internship application.

Not only have you gained popularity across all social media platforms with marketing sites and publishers picking up your internship application, but you’ve also landed quite a few internship jobs and offers in case the Cred is down. The competition is intense and it takes a lot of effort to get noticed, if not just to get a job, but this new way of getting the care you need is soon going mainstream! It’s safe to say that creativity will always have a voice, whatever the field.

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