Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC 2021 is set to kick off tomorrow with a bang and we’re here to show you a roundup of all the hardware announcements the company has made throughout its years as a market leader in the business. Regarded as one of the most important software events to take place, the company has made great strides in establishing momentum and revolutionized the technology industry.

Let’s dive deeper into understanding all of the releases that have occurred over the years.

Power Mac G5 (2003)

The most powerful Mac of its time, the device was designed for professional users and graphic designers and incorporated the first 64-bit processor ever used in a personal computer. It supported up to 8GB of RAM and received updates until 2005.

Aluminum Cinema Screens (2004)

This premium display had a one-piece aluminum design and featured two USB 2.0 ports. It was available in 20-, 23-, and 30-inch screen sizes. The latter had a tag price of $ 3,299 and was only compatible with the Power Mac G5.

Mac Pro (2006)

Apple introduced the first Mac Pro in 2006 and the company set foot in the high-end desktop segment for professional users. On the outside, the Mac Pro resembled the Power Mac G5, however it had redesigned interiors that gave access to hard drives, RAM slots, and PCI cards. The basic version of the Mac Pro was priced at $ 2,499 at the time.

iPhone 3G (2008)

With much fanfare for the 3G connectivity that the newest iPhone came with, it ran on a new mobile operating system called iPhone OS 2. The App Store scored the breakthrough technology that Apple had yet to release and Apple sold. . 1 million units of the iPhone 3G in the first weekend of the launch at $ 199.

iPhone 3GS (2009)

The iPhone 3GS was announced as the successor to the iPhone 3G as it looked quite similar to the previously released device, however it came with a 3MP camera capable of recording video. Additional features include a voice control function and a cut, copy and paste function in iOS 3.

iPhone 4 (2010)

This new device was a significant change with the launch of a new design language. The flat glass look definitely proved to be an upgrade from its predecessors and Apple also introduced a retina display and a front camera with FaceTime.

15-inch MacBook Pro (2012)

A professional laptop meant to be sold to musicians and graphic designers, the new 15-inch MacBook Pro was super thin and light. It also featured a retina display. It began selling for $ 2,199 while it was known as the “most beautiful computer.”

Mac Pro (2013)

Nicknamed “the trash can”, Mac Pro this product was placed in a completely different way. The product design was great and rich, yet it didn’t deliver on everything it promised, from lack of expandability to poor cooling.

HomePod (2017)

At one point when the Amazon Echo was released, this device became the biggest tech news of the year at the time. However, its debut did not gain the momentum that Apple hoped to achieve and suffered from problems related to those proposed by the iPod Hi-Fi.

iMac Pro (2017)

A very strange device that started at a whopping $ 4,999, this one didn’t get much fame either. With no updates released over the years, this device was discontinued by Apple earlier this year.

Mac Pro (2019)

This device, which starts at $ 5,999, had a lot of negative reactions for its price. However, this device made up for everything professional users were looking for in previous years when Apple failed to deliver on its promise. Apple developed a complete redesign focusing on device performance and developed it with the goal of satisfying professional users.
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