The famous bottle of ketchup, Heinz, spills at a speed of 0.045 km / h. Using this information, Heinz has come up with a new campaign in collaboration with navigation app Waze and fast food giant Burger King (BK).

This new campaign promises a free bottle of Heinz ketchup along with a Impossible Whopper from BK to people stuck in traffic and driving at the same speed as the slowly spilling Heinz ketchup bottle. We all know how annoying it can be to be stuck in traffic and driving so slow, but this campaign brings the fun element of spending time in traffic.

Launched in Canada, traffic is expected to increase significantly in the year and from June 3 to July 4, 2021, those traveling as slow as the Heinz ketchup bottle will be rewarded with their Heinz bottle summer combo. Ketchup and an Impossible Whopper from BK. The company took to social media to spread its message about its new campaign.

Since potential customers get stuck in traffic, the company wants to convey that going slow is not always a bad idea and the rewards are sure to help establish a stronger connection with the people who endure traffic jams.

To check their driving speed, people can download the Waze navigation app and redeem this time-limited offer. They are also encouraged to share their award on social media by tagging company identifiers. This campaign has been selected by the Carat media agency and incorporates user-generated content as a means to develop this digital campaign. By using targeted ads and digital OOH, the company aims to increase its reach and venture out on a broader basis.

Known for its unique marketing strategies and campaigns, this campaign also sets itself apart from the norm and builds on a powerful marketing strategy for all three companies involved.

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