Indian local brands are becoming quite popular with the launch of the ‘Vocal for local’ campaign. Indian brands may start small, but they have been able to make a global impact in a short time. Today we bring you 10 of these Indian startups that have become more popular over time.


Pascati is India’s first USDA certified organic chocolate manufacturer to meet fair trade standards. Launched in 2015, the Mumbai-based brand sources most of its ingredients from India.

According to the brand, Pascati He is one of the few chocolatiers in the world who controls every step of the elaboration of fine chocolate. Lot after lot of the finest cocoa beans from select plantations are roasted, split, winnowed, shelled and tempered in a carefully controlled environment.


Earthon is a fast growing organic food company based in Mumbai. The company offers a range of certified organic food products such as cereals, spices, herbs and health supplements. Earthon works closely with farmers who grow their farms using organic techniques and never use harmful chemicals or fertilizers.

Tokai blue

Tokai blue is a Delhi-based coffee brand that aims to bring that world coffee culture to India by roasting freshly baked beans, sourcing from unique farms, offering organic varieties, and educating North Indians about Aeropress brewing techniques, Chemex and French Press, a new language, a region that lives on chai and instant coffee.

CommBucha by MAVI

As described by its founders Vikram Mittal and Meenakshi Bhanj Deo, CommBucha by MAVI it is naturally airy, refreshing and tasty and 100% organic and natural. It can be used as a health drink, non-alcoholic cocktail, cocktail shaker, and a perfect replacement for all popular sugar-laden drinks.

Tea trunk

Tea trunk is an online tea shop that selects the best tea leaves from India and brews them in unique blends, using all-natural ingredients.

Organic forest honey

Organic forest honey It comes from Uttaranchal and is as pure as nature intended. The brand offers 100% USDA organic forest honey. Sourced from a 5083 acre organic forest where only natives are allowed. Honey comes from natives and goes through a minimal heating and filtration process. Giving us the purest and most powerful honey from India.

Kapiva Moringa Honey

Kapiva is a Mumbai-based company that offers a variety of products, from ghee, honey, juices, teas, oils and other products. All of their products are sourced selectively, with great emphasis on purity and authenticity.

Sarda farms

Sarda farms claims to be probably the only dairy in India to offer 100% pure, antibiotic-free and hormone-free cow’s milk in three farm-fresh variants, packed in glass bottles to the customer’s door via a proprietary cold chain. the company.

Svami drinks

Svami drinks It is said to be India’s first tonic water brand. Svami offers the most relevant range of non-alcoholic beverages.

Himalayan cheese

Himalayan cheese It is founded by a Dutch in India. That is why the brand follows the Indian and Dutch traditions. The company makes natural artisan cheese from fresh mountain milk in the Himalayan mountains of Kashmir.

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