Looking for autonomous automotive options? Now that 2021 has begun, it is time to embrace the new era and switch from manual cars to automatic electric vehicles that are better for the environment. These startups have created options for consumers in the last decade and will soon introduce better variants for the entire country.

Minus zero

Gursimran Kalra and Gagandeep Reehal are the owners of Minus Zero, a new-age startup based in Jalandhar that builds fully automatic autonomous electric cars. These are equipped with the latest learning technology using hybrid and Python-based networks.


This Ahmedabad-based startup, founded in 2016, specialized in building connected cars, insuretech, ADAS, and autonomous vehicle technology. Products like Scouto and Wheel Intel provide environmentally friendly options for consumers.

Ati Motors

Ati Motors was founded in 2017 by Saad Naseer, V. Vinay and Saurabh Chandra. Built by more than 30 expert engineers in artificial intelligence, control systems, mechanical engineering, systems software and electronic hardware components, this Bangalore-based startup offers the Sherpa 1000 with a dual tup and transport option, load carrier of undertone and a state-of-the-art 3-wheel tadpole design status.

Automatic flow

Get an autonomous driving kit from Flux Auto, an autonomous startup based in Bangalore. This startup has made safety and performance its top priority. You can find cars with proximity sensors, radars, state-of-the-art cameras, and more.

Swaayatt robots

Founded in 2015 by Sanjeev Sharma, Swaayatt Robots was built from Bhopal and developed a level 5 autonomous driving technology that is suitable for adverse traffic conditions with high fidelity maps.

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