The great Khali o Dalip Singh Rana, former WWE star, was recently trolled on his Instagram account. The trolling reached such a point that it deactivated its comment section in the publications. Trolling, however, did not resonate with the usual backlash that influencers or celebrities are subjected to. Trolls had to do with his physical build and the figure he wears. As a result, they weren’t entirely obnoxious, although they did appear rude.

One individual suggested that he should launch the NASA rocket into space, while another commented that a plane landed on his forehead. Another user also suggested that I cover all of India with Dermi Cool talc so it can become Antarctica.

What is interesting to know is that Cashkaro, a coupon and refund website, took this opportunity to turn it into an intriguing marketing venue. This video not only gave an answer to the trolls, but also helped broaden the brand’s presence among its target audience. In this fun video, Khali talks about how she likes to do everything a little more. From eating to exercising, but most importantly, shopping and saving through CashKaro. Khali addresses comments from her trolls that are also incorporated into the video.

The video begins with The Great Khali reading the comments, addressing the trolls head-on, and then responding that he loves doing everything EXXTRAA. In this case, a brilliant approach is observed to address an urgent problem, as well as to establish a brand presence. This trend was also previously observed with the Bajaj Alliance riding the viral marketing wave with the ‘Dancing Uncle’ video in 2018. The company released a video with him early enough to spread more brand awareness.

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