Elon Musk has become a prominent name not only in the tech world, but also a contributor to the global economy. His work at SpaceX and technologically advanced Tesla cars have grown in popularity in recent years.

With success comes responsibility, and Elon Musk has apparently taken it upon himself to shake up the stock market with the power of his tweets.

Musk’s influence on the stock market is so strong that a tweet from him can simply make or break a business. It has also been tested in the past.

These are the most influential tweets from Elon Musk that sank or saved the stock price of many companies.

Tesla’s market value fell

Last year in May, Elon Musk launched a frenzy of tweets that collapsed Teslamarket value. He tweeted ‘Tesla’s share price is too high in my opinion’. Tesla shares fell as much as 12% at the time.

The spiel didn’t end there – Musk continued to tweet cryptic things about the sale of all of his physical possessions, including his home.

“Use signal”

As 2021 began, Musk’s influence grew on social media. With WhatsApp facing a lot of backlash over its updated privacy policy, Musk came to the rescue, for his rival. Musk just wrote 2 words ‘Use Signal’ and the messaging app Sign became one of the highest ranking apps in the app stores.


GameStop Corp., an American video game retailer, had the best start to the year when Elon Musk decided to share a Reddit thread about users interested in the company’s stock. As a result, GameStop shares went into ‘short squeeze’ and Wallstreet was buying them so much that the share price doubled.

Bitcoin goes down with just one tweet

In early May, an unverified account on Twitter called @CryptoWhale said: “Bitcoiners will slap each other next quarter when they find out that Tesla ditched the rest of their #Bitcoin holdings. With the amount of hate @elonmusk is getting, I don’t blame him. “

To this, Elon Musk vaguely replied, “Indeed.” No one understood what he meant by the tweet, but this caused Bitcoin’s share price to drop 20%. Shortly after, he clarified that Tesla has not sold any Bitcoin. The damage was already done.

Dogecoin on the roof!

Elon musks’ recent tweet about how he was working with Dogecoin The developers to improve the efficiency of the transactions of their system did wonders with the cryptocurrency. Shares of Dogecoin rose 10% in the next hour.

CumRocket !!!

CumRocket As the name suggests, it is a cryptocurrency of a specific nature. Provides a marketplace for adult content or content Not Safe for Work (NSFW).

CumRocket is now trending on Twitter after Elon Musk’s enigmatic and laconic tweet that read: “Canada, US, Mexico.” He later posted emojis that apparently represented the cryptocurrency.

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