We all know that putting your resume on the hiring manager’s desk is a tedious task in itself, much less than getting the interview. In the past, we’ve seen quite a few occasions where people managed to turn heads with their unique ways of captivating an audience, as well as the company of their dreams. So let’s get some inspiration from these stars and create an amazing resume that can get you hired at your dream company instantly!

The one who used Christmas lights

This lady used Christmas lights outside her home to spell out the words “My wish, HR job, Liz Hickok, LinkedIn.” They flared up over Christmas, which soon went viral and got quite a few responses on his LinkedIn profile.

The one who made a video

This man made a video talking about himself and sent it to different recruiters. She received job offers from many and has worked in the fields of Public Relations and Social Media ever since.

The One With The Candy Bar

An individual made a candy bar for a resume when he went to an interview at a company and got the job when the panel was impressed with his creativity.

The one who made a motion video for Cred

This guy made a moving video to get the attention of the Cred recruiters and posted it on Linkedin. From receiving responses from the founder of Cred to the chief designer of the company, he landed an internship after his impressive post went viral. It has also received multiple offers from other organizations.

The one who made her Pinterest account, her resume

This lady literally turned her Pinterest account into a full resume because she wanted a job at Pinterest. Each pin contained information about their education, experience, skills, and achievements.

The one who created an advertisement

His job appeal was extremely unique with a billboard ad on a busy highway in Connecticut. Eventually, he founded his own print advertising company.

The one who made her Instagram account, her resume

This lady turned her Instagram account into her resume and attracted Deloitte India while doing the same. Her story reflects the fun and quirky things about her while providing details about her abilities in a visually engaging way.

The one who distributed donuts to companies along with his resume

This individual personally delivered boxes of donuts to companies where he was looking for a job with his resume attached to the box. The catchy line suggesting that most resumes end up in the garbage while hers ends up in their stomachs became a hit.

Can you think of any creative way to approach your dream company? Let us know!

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