Having an impactful ad campaign has always been the most crucial part of a brand’s marketing strategy. If the campaign cannot make a mark on its viewers, then the entire effort is a failure and the company cannot get any of it.

To ensure that they have the best reach and a concept that relates to their customers, brands come up with some of the most interesting ideas.

Airtel4G can be included in one of the most successful advertising campaigns of brands at any given time. Only a few years ago, Airtel introduced its 4G network in the country. After a few years of the launch of the network, a face appeared that was associated with the brand so well that people saw it as the brand itself.

All households and people of all ages knew his face even if they did not know his name. Sasha chettri became a name known to all.

While many would agree that it became annoying to see it on television and other social media platforms repeatedly, the brand succeeded in its goal. The Airtel 4G network became popular and well known again.

About Sasha Chettri and how she became the face of Airtel

Sasha Chettri was a promising music artist at the time, living in Mumbai who once worked as a trainee copywriter without much acting and modeling experience. Sasha, originally from Dehradun in Uttarakhand, studied advertising at the Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai.

In an interview with the Economic Times, Chettri said that he loves music and was even working on a mini album at the time.

Agnello Dias, president and co-founder of Taproot who created the Airtel 4G campaign, shared that Chettri’s casting was not unusual at all. It was done “the normal way that we pitch, we pick from a bunch, we narrow it down and then we make a decision,” he said.

Making jokes about herself as a sport

In the years that followed, since Sasha’s first release as the face of Airtel 4G, Sasha was the subject of many trolls. The Airtel commercials with Sasha were broadcast many times on television, radio and elsewhere. Her repetitive message of switching to Airtel became annoying for many and people started making jokes about her on social media.

The trolling became so constant that even Airtel recognized it in their new ad campaign. Sasha and her friends were spotted in a quiet and picturesque place near Umiam Lake in Shillong. You can hear your friends saying: “Famous on TV, non-stop, over loudspeaker …”. To which Sasha jokingly admits ‘thoda over ho gaya’.

She jokes about how they get a break from the ‘public’ and ‘4G’. To which your friends reply that the public also takes a break from you.

Call him to drop it!

A few years after its launch, Sasha left Airtel and is said to have joined Reliance Jio for their 4G ad campaign. The real reason why he left Airtel was unclear, but many blamed the constant trolls he received that could have been the reason.

According to official data from the Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC), between September 19 and November 20, 2015, 54,406 times, Sasha Chettri aired 54,406 times, leading her to capture the small screen for 1,708,586 seconds. In short, it was on a television screen for almost 475 hours, or the equivalent of 20 days.

2021: Sasha Chettri is back with Airtel

In the latest ad campaign launched on June 4, 2021, Airtel stated that ‘two out of three new mobile customers chose Airtel over other networks during September 2020 to February 2021’.

Airtel has backed up the claim by citing data released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (GUY). To make things more interesting, Airtel re-featured famous 4G girl Sasha Chettri in the ad.


Since her performance with Airtel, Sasha has worked on two Telugu films ‘Operation Gold Fish (2019)’ and is also Radhe Shyam (2021), which will be released next month.

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