Brands have always considered their logo as the most integral part of the brand image. A logo has been something that customers have always related to and it has been the identity of the brand since its launch.

Because of this, rarely many brands have dared to make changes to their logo and packaging, as it has created the brand or has been considered as their main reason for failure.

But from time to time, whether for marketing or to spread a social message, brands have been tweaking their packaging and customizing it based on the campaign initiative. These are some of the brands that have created quite a stir and have had success changing their logos from time to time.


Dettol has launched a campaign to pay tribute to COVID warriors and the sacrifices they have made during the pandemic. The campaign is titled #DettolSalutes.

The brand has sourced 100 such stories from across the country and shared them on their liquid handwash packages. This has been done for the first time in almost its nine decades of history, Dettol has made a change in its packaging.


Lay The ‘Smile Deke Dekho’ campaign was launched in October 2019 globally. With this campaign, Lay launched personalized packages of his tokens with people’s smiles printed on them.

The campaign saw Lay pursuing a massive social media influencer outreach program, in which they reached out to more than 750 influencers who shared Lay’s ‘Smile Deke Dekho’ packages with them.


Maggi was another brand that changed its packaging to celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2009. The brand launched a campaign called “Me and Meri Maggi”. In this campaign, people were asked to share their memorable stories growing up eating Maggi.

The heartfelt stories included many special and emotional moments that involved Maggi. Of the many stories the brand received, the top 50 stories were printed on Maggi’s packaging. The project also asked clients for video submissions, of which three were chosen to appear in Maggi commercials.

Ghadi Detergent

In order to promote health and safety amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Ghadi detergent has recently launched the first #BachaavMeinHiSamajhdaariHai awareness campaign of its kind in India.

In this campaign, the intended message against the action to be taken against COVID will be clearly displayed on the package, while the logo itself will be covered by a mask.


Not new to Google to modify your logo. The search engine giant has redesigned its logo in honor of many influencers in the past and on special occasions. Recently, it had also changed its logo in order to publicize the COVID-19 pandemic.


LacosteThe “Save Our Species” campaign was a three-year partnership between the French clothing company and the Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that highlights 10 endangered species in a series of limited-edition polo shirts.

The brand launched limited-edition t-shirts during the Lacoste show at Paris Fashion Week in 2018.


In 2012, Coke partnered with partner advertising agency, Oligvy and Mather Australia, to launch their ambitious digital media campaign called ‘Share a Coke’. The brand launched personalized Coca-Cola bottles that could be shared with loved ones and was seen as a gesture to express love.

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