Many of us dream of starting our own business. Regardless of the business concept, people go out of their way to give everything they have. Many even quit their high-paying jobs in hopes of starting their own business.

While ideas or vision may not be lacking, not having sufficient funds can become one of the biggest drawbacks for many.

To help you with this, here are some of the best low-cost business ideas one can start and get in return.

Data entry

For many companies, organizing their valuable data electronically is very important to running a smooth business. However, the task requires many hours and manpower. To make things doable, many companies outsource the task to other companies.

There are many data entry companies that are making a lot of money by providing this service to multiple companies at once.

Cooking class

If you have the cooking skills and love to cook, you can easily teach others your talents. A culinary school has many perspectives. From teaching different types of cooking to having a baking class, people are eager to learn these days. To start small, all you need is a working kitchen and ample space to accommodate students in the class. Or you can even start a virtual cooking class.

Yoga Center

For those of you who have the ability to exercise regularly, you can easily gain from something you enjoy doing. All you need is a yoga teacher certification and a spacious place to start your center. From there, you can expand as you start to get more and more customers.

Tiffin Center

With the number of workers living in the big cities, the tiffin centers have been gaining a lot. Due to the lack of time and energy to be able to cook themselves, tiffin centers are a very common business concept. Many people have started this business in their homes and it is usually run and managed by the same family members.

Cake shop

The in-house bakery trend has increased a lot over the years. Talented men and women have started making and selling baked goods from the comfort of their homes. This business is easy to start and requires very little investment initially. One can expand as word of mouth spreads.

Youtube Channel

For many of the business ideas discussed here, one can make videos and post them on their Youtube channel. If you are good at a subject or cooking or even enjoy doing yoga, you can post the videos that can help you earn more.


From photographer to content writer and many more, there are many freelance jobs you can choose from and provide services on your own terms.

Event planning business

If you have a good insight into the industry and you love planning and organizing events, this business idea can help you win a lot. All you need are connections with local vendors to help you organize your events successfully.

Creche Service

For all working couples it is very necessary to have a good and reliable babysitting service nearby. There is a lot you can earn by providing childcare.

Organic soap business

I know many people who have started an organic soap making business at home. You can gather customers through online postings and word of mouth, and if your product is of good quality, you can start reaching out to local suppliers and expanding your manufacturing unit.

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