It might surprise you, but the Juventus star, known for being a health fanatic and recently popularized for choosing water over a bottle of Coke, makes more money from Instagram than from football! Let’s dig deeper to understand why.

Killer participation rate

With an Instagram following of nearly 300 million followers today, Cristiano’s posts plunge into billions within seconds after a post is published. With an extremely interactive audience, a post with him topless garnered twice as much engagement as a photo of him winning a trophy. Your engagement rate speaks volumes when you reach out to your audience and get them to comment on your posts in no time.

Smart marketing moves

Creating controversial actions that make it go viral definitely becomes a good way to get people to get involved and join a discussion about it. The regular posting of his goals, victories, celebrations and trophies on Instagram has also made everyone want to know more about him through his social media account. It sparks interest and makes everyone want to know the backstory. After creating an impression in the field, you have definitely set out to be someone who is well connected with your audience on social media.

Brand endorsements

Considering you are a health and fitness fanatic, your Instagram account sees a lot of activity that revolves around posting content about training and promoting a fit lifestyle. This definitely attracts many brands in the segment who see their platform as a means of reaching their target audience. Brands that complement your personality and support your image gain a large audience and, as a result, begin to associate with the player.

Personal brand

Creating your personal website definitely contributed to your image and enhanced your personal brand. By displaying a separate section for your sponsors, you also gained a lot of appeal and expanded your scope of competence. It added a sense of authenticity and became more accessible to its general audience. In addition, the launch CR7, its brand based on the eyewear, footwear, underwear, denim and perfume segments also built its personality and brand image. Additionally, they congratulated the growth on their social media platforms and built their personal brand presence.

As one of the most followed personalities on Instagram, he becomes the perfect medium for brands to promote their offers through his platform. Businesses pay huge numbers to access his reach, which has contributed to his earnings growth as an Instagram influencer by a much higher margin than as a footballer.

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