For any woman, a handbag is no longer just a fashion statement. It’s much more than that. From college students to working women to hardworking housewives, a handbag is the most crucial part. Women depend on it to keep all their essentials in one place. Therefore, women are looking for reliable brands that understand their needs for a stylish handbag that is also durable and roomy.

Baggit, being one of the leading handbag brands in India, it has gained much popularity among women of all ages as it has been able to understand and implement the needs of its loyal customers.

But did you know how this leading brand started in the first place?

Nina lekhi She was passionate about painting, which encouraged her to obtain a diploma in the art foundation course at Sophia Polytechnic College, Mumbai. Things did not turn out the way she wanted. Nina has always been a smart student and was always among the best in her class. However, to her surprise, she was unable to pass the diploma, which left her dismayed and had to take two part-time courses.

This setback in her life could not discourage her from her goal. Nina was determined to fulfill her dreams.

Nina has always been a creative girl. She realized that there weren’t many bags on the market that were stylish and durable. It was then that he had the idea to take advantage of this opportunity. With her mother’s support and an investment of Rs 7000, Nina decided to make bags and sell them.

Initially, Nina started selling her bags at exhibitions and exclusively to a few retail stores. Gradually, Nina not only increased the range of her designs, but also switched to vegan and eco-friendly material for her bags, which made the brand not cruel. This made their bags more popular.

It happened that Shoppers stop had just entered the Indian market and Nina was able to collaborate with the brand and Baggit was in the big leagues.

25 years later, Baggit is now sold in more than 1,000 stores across the country and, unlike other brands, it is made entirely in India. The business that Nina once started with just Rs 7,000 has grown into a brand worth over Rs 100 crore

After years of struggle and hard work, Nina now looks back on her failure in college and difficulties in her business as the best thing that could ever happen to her. She has learned from all setbacks and has plunged into success each time.

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