Mohd Aqeel Amhed, a Zomato delivery executive in Hyderabad who has been working with the company for a year, rode his bike to deliver an order for a customer, Robin Mukesh. Now this may seem like a Zomato delivery every day on Monday nights, but what’s important to learn is that it drove nine miles in 20 minutes to fulfill that request.

Surprised by how quickly Aqeel fulfilled the delivery of the order, Mukesh proceeded to take a picture of Aqeel and posted it on his social media, sharing it with everyone.

“My order was delivered at lightning speed by Mohd Aqeel. I was in Mehdiputnam when my order was confirmed by Nilofar Lakdikapul and delivered to King Koti. He is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in engineering. All of this happened on his bike. If you see it … please be generous with a tip. By the way, I ordered tea and it was super hot, ”Mukesh wrote on Facebook.

Netizens supported Aqeel and suggested that they should do something for a man who worked so hard. Mukesh started a fundraiser for Aqeel for a bicycle that would prove quite beneficial to the delivery executive. The fundraiser soon realized that everyone shared the story and within 10 hours was able to raise Rs 60,000. At the end of the campaign, after attracting a lot of attention from everyone, the total funds raised were Rs 73,370 throughout.

The power of social media has definitely manifested for Aqeel, who will receive a TVS XL bike with the funds raised. You will also receive other vital requirements that go with riding a bike, such as a helmet and a raincoat. Additionally, non-bicycle funds will be given to you to cover college expenses, helping you continue your education.

Fountain: TimesNowNews.Com

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