With Father’s Day celebrated on June 20 this year, brands created creative campaigns to pay tribute to those who support us through thick and thin. Brands have started to show us how the father supports us in modern times with the increasingly digital world as the days go by. Let’s look at some campaigns that brands have launched to promote Father’s Day 2021.

Acko insurance

The brand released a campaign film that talks about how roles change over the years, but the care a father takes and the bond that is shared does not change over the years. This lighthearted Father’s Day movie addresses how we grow up to become dads to our fathers in due time.

Speaks Products

The company held an engaging contest and asked people to share their best memories with their parents on their social media. The response obtained was quite nostalgic with the people who shared their memories, which Parle went on to show on Father’s Day.

Netflix India

The OTT platform also released a Father’s Day rap song that featured content creators Aishwarya Mohanraj, Samay Raina, Aakash Gupta, and musician Sajeel Kapoor. The Father’s Day message incorporates fragments of programs broadcast on the platform and conveys a message in a very millennial tone.

MDH spices

The company launched a social media contest where one must upload a selfie with their father and his favorite dish while tagging their media identifiers. The winner of the contest will receive 1000 rupees via Paytm and the contest is open until June 26.

ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard has released a digital movie that encourages parents to ride a two-wheeler only after wearing their helmets. This campaign is an extension of the message of the companies to travel safely to their target audience.

Manforce condoms

With the lockdown that occurred in the country, Manforce addresses how you can have fun at home, but it’s always a better idea to use protection if you don’t want to land in a difficult place. This new video campaign celebrates Father’s Day in a unique way with the concept that revolves around #BetterEndings.

This Father’s Day, brands have vividly celebrated the special occasion to appreciate all that our dads do to improve our lives. Find out how brands wished all parents a happy father’s day with their quirky message!

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