You might believe that companies spend a lot of money advertising their products to make them great. However, these billion dollar companies have products and services that many might not have heard of, but their annual revenues are incredible.

So what are these companies? Here is the complete list.


Where do you think zippers come from? This Japanese company controls most of the world market in the supply of zippers and zippers. It is the world’s largest zip manufacturer and has spread its wings in 71 countries.


SGS is a certification company based in Switzerland. It helps companies inspect the quality of products, check the weight and quality of imports and exports, and helps ensure that all requirements are met.


You must have encountered Verisign, a global domain service provider. It offers registration services for all major domains, including .com and .net, which are frequently used by e-commerce websites.


Vitol is way ahead of the game, outperforming companies like Samsung and Apple in terms of revenue generation. It is the ninth largest company in the world with oil and petroleum storage spaces, dominating the market.

BAE Systems PLC

This multinational space defense and security company generated around $ 18 billion in revenue in 2015. It operates in the US, UK, Indian and Australian markets.


Givaudan is a renowned company that manufactures fragrances and flavors. They are prevalent in the food and perfume industry and supply artificial flower fragrances and fruit flavors. It generates about $ 90 million a year.

American tower

As the name suggests, this American company is the world’s largest wireless and transmission infrastructure owner and operator. Currently, it has more than 170,000 towers in the world generating revenues of $ 1.9 billion annually.


This healthcare company was founded in 1931 in the United States. They supply all kinds of drugs, including recombinant proteins and blood plasma.

Praxair Inc

Praxair supplies industrial gases to many companies around the world. They help clean different elements from the air, including nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, earning them a lot of money annually.

Ingram Micro

Actually this is a reputable company helping others with a 360 degree approach to supply chain technology and services in the world. He has a net worth of $ 30 billion. It has vendors like IBM, Microsoft, and even Intel.

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