According to the Kantar 2021 Most Valuable Brands Ranking, the world’s best companies have been declared! Amassing a total net worth of $ 7.1 billion similar to that of France and Germany, most of the brands hail from the US.

From 2006 until now, Amazon has come a long way and managed to secure the top spot on the ranking list. Wondering what other brands made the cut? Here is the complete list for your reference.


Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos, grew 64% to $ 684 billion, which is equivalent to Poland’s GDP. Year after year, the company has gone from strength to strength, and now it has taken over Apple as the most valuable brand in the world.


Apple is second on the list, with a brand value of $ 611.997 million. Since last year, the brand’s value has increased 74%. This American multinational has thrived over the years with new releases of iPhone, iPad and more.


Google’s brand equity saw a 42% increase from the previous year. According to Kantar, the company now stands at $ 457,998 million and in third place.


Microsoft has been in the top 5 for a few years now. With an increase of 26% from last year, the company reaches the 4th position on Kantar’s list with an estimated value of $ 410,271 million.


Tencent jumped a few ranges from last year by gaining a 60% rise directly to fifth place. The total estimate of the company stands at 240,931 million dollars.


Facebook, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is in sixth position with a 54% increase from 2020. The company’s estimated value is $ 226.744 million.


The Chinese giant, Alibaba, is one of the largest e-commerce platforms out there today, after Amazon. Securing the seventh position, the company experienced a 29% increase from 2020 with a market estimate of $ 196.912 million.


Visa managed to stay in the top 10 and saw only a 2% increase from 2020. The popular online payment aggregator for debit and credit cards has a market value of $ 191.285 million as of 2021.


McDonald’s appears to have climbed the ladder this year in the top 10 rankings. Seeing a 20% increase from 2020, it currently stands at a value estimate of $ 154,921 million.


MasterCard is in 10th position with an increase of 4%. The total value estimate of $ 112.876 million makes it secure the 10th rank with the most room for progress in the next year.

Most of these US brands make up about 74% of the jump from last year. Despite having a GDP of only 24%, they have exploded more than brands in Europe, France, Germany and even Poland.

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