In today’s digital world, content creators and entrepreneurs have scaled the landscape and made their mark in the field of social media. Whether in the field of fashion or comedy, these social media bosses have very passionate followers and everything they believe in most. They inspire millennials to reach new heights and work towards their goals, one day at a time. Find out who they are next!

Prajakta Koli

She shows her true self on social media and is the largest female comedy content creator in India. She makes us laugh with all her character sketches and at the same time keeps it real with her youtube videos. She came to Bollywood in force, her diverse roles and her expanding career have us all waiting to see more of her on all platforms.

Masoom Minawala

A leading entrepreneur, she will definitely learn a thing or two from her Instagram name. If you need some #GirlBoss energy, you should definitely head over to her feed. Its content talks a lot about how to find your own style and do what it speaks to you.

Lily singh

The woman who taught us to be a #BawseWoman and showed us how to work harder is definitely one of the most influential bosses on social media. It has made India proud globally and has definitely influenced young women to put their self-confidence and go out into the world to make their dreams come true.

Malini Agarwal

She brings positivity and fills everyone’s Instagram feed with her infectious smile! Entrepreneurial and influential, she has advocated for multiple platforms for girls to come together as a community and created multiple opportunities to advance #GirlTribe.

Ritu Rathee

Pilot by profession, everyone has fallen in love with his charisma on his social media account! Mother and influencer, she definitely flies to the skies and makes us see her feed more than once. She has shown us how one can definitely juggle multiple roles and inspires us to make the best of whatever it is that you do!

Vishakha Fulsunge

Also known as Rider Girl Vishakha, she is India’s first female motovlogger and she is breaking all stereotypes, isn’t she? Her vlogs take us up and down and she resonates with the bold and confident words. A boss like her inspires many with her personality and defines what it means to stand out from the crowd.

Juhi Godambe

Her edgy styling has got everyone hooked and waiting for more style inspiration. She is revolutionizing the fashion space while running her own brand, ‘Arabella’, which has an e-commerce site and a physical store. A self-made woman, she has taken the digital space by storm and inspired so many budding fashionistas.

Faye D’Souza

A strong woman who is always sincere about what she thinks and expresses nothing but the truth, is the voice we all admire. With her boldness and strong demeanor, she is definitely the queen of journalism!

Mitali and Summiyya

Delving into the fields of lifestyle, travel, food, beauty, and fashion, these two best friends have given us #BFFGoals. If you are someone looking to improve their style quotient, you should definitely check it out. They have taken over social media and are doing it!

Madhura Bachal

Homemade food is their forte and if you’re looking for some cooking inspo, you should check it out! This #BossLady has created a huge niche and has become very popular for its content in the regional Marathi language. Their branded masalas have also reached a wider audience and are an inspiration to many.

There are many more #BossLadies influencers on social media that inspire us and drive us to achieve our goals. These women have shown us how we can achieve it and achieve all of our dreams not only by trying harder, but also by being ourselves.

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