Indians have always proven to be one step ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to creativity. Today, many leading Fortune 500 companies are led by an Indian. This shows what geniuses we can be.

Not only in the big leagues, creativity and talent can be seen in almost everything around us. ‘Play’, as they say, was invented in India after all.

Earlier we told you the story of a father who built a fully functioning mini jeep for his son. That news went viral almost instantly, as it surprised many and even received many orders after that. Not forgetting the man from Punjab who built an eco-friendly wood cycle at the close of last year and had been taking orders from international customers ever since.

Today we bring you another great creation of one of ours. Nurul Haque, a motor mechanic by profession from Karimganj, Assam, turned a Maruti Swift into a luxury car, Lamborghini.

Owning a luxury car was always Nurul’s dream. But like many of us, the high prices that came with these cars made them impossible to buy. Nurul did not let that keep him from achieving his dream. Instead, he decided to build one for himself.

Nurul has a garage in Bhanga Bazaar. With the lockdown imposed due to the pandemic, I had very little work flow and a lot of time. It was then that he decided to take this as a side project.

After buying a second-hand Swift car, Nurul examined many Youtube videos to understand how to turn an old car into a luxury car. He spent a total of Rs 6.2 Lakhs on the construction of this masterpiece.

Nurul is passionate about making a career out of it, but only after understanding the legal procedures that must be followed for the manufacture of modified cars.

Local authorities may not have approved converting an old Swift into a Lamborghini yet, but it has certainly made it a star in your city.

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