Recently, subscribers to an HBO Max mailing list received a rather strange email from the online streaming service. While HBO Max soon clarified that it was not a new show coming out soon, the email caught the attention of other netizens.

Across the United States and some in the United Kingdom, users received an email with the subject “Integration Test Email # 1”. The body of the email said: “This template is only used for integration tests.”

HBO Max tweeted an apology to its subscribers for the blunder saying it was an intern’s mistake as memes and jokes abounded.

This mistake resulted in earning HBO Max many eyes and everyone shared their stories when they were interns. And some of them are pretty funny, to say the least! Well-known personalities also joined the discussion and shared their mistakes with everyone. The trend soon caught on and makes everyone laugh, sharing the most relatable stories. Everyone is trying to show their support for the intern who made fun of HBO Max, showing their support and communicating that he definitely gets better with time. The hashtag, #DearIntern has become quite famous and everyone comforts the poor intern.

The mail went out around 9pm when everyone started asking if they had received it and soon jokes began to circulate.

Have you ever faced situations like this while interning with an organization?

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