His grandfather used it, during the Swadeshi Movement, his father used it, and now he is using it during the global pandemic. No, we are not talking about anything specific, but about some brands that, needless to say, have stayed with us, no matter the time.
These 8 brands mentioned below hold a special place in our hearts. Well I’m sure most of you have some memories with at least some of them.

1. Borolin

91 years ago, Boroline was one of the first antiseptic scented creams, and now, 91 years later, even with the emergence of multiple brands, Boroline has still managed to cement a place in our bathrooms and vanities. This was one of the gems of Bengal and appeared as the nation was becoming increasingly self-sufficient.

2. Indian brick

Shoemakers to your grandparents, parents, and now yours, like us, you too would have taken your first pair from this place. Bata India got its name from the confines of Batanagar in Calcutta, which still bears his name.

3. Arvind Limited

In the 19th century, this place in Gujarat started as a small saris retailer, but soon, in the mid 19th century, it started selling jeans to the masses, and still continues to do so, and has in fact grown a lot, which manufactures material for people like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

4. Asian paintings

Asian Paints has come a long way, from when four friends came together to sell wall colors to homes, to having Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan as their brand ambassador. Now it has become one of the biggest brands in Asia.

5. Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra have given the country a lot, from some of the best entrepreneurs to business minds and even the best passenger cars and tractors. But did you know that they started with the name of Mahindra and Muhammad, with Malik Ghulam Muhammad, who moved to Pakistan during the days of the division? You see, the date goes back so long. They started trading steel and have now moved to other industries around the world.

6. Mysore Sandal Soap

Are we the only ones who have started to smell the familiar scent of pure sandalwood, or are you too? Its history also dates back to 1916, brought by the kingdom of Mysore, when they could not export their sandalwood to Europe. And rest, friends, is history.

7. Amul

How can we write something about Amul that has not yet been written? Amul was the brand that introduced the white revolution across the country, giving hope to millions of dairy farmers, which they still have. Fast forward to 2021, almost every household in India has a store in their lane that sells Amul Milk.

8. Air India

If an airline has managed to stay that long and is still touching the sky, both literally and metaphorically, it has to be the Tata Group. Its history dates back to 1932, where it started as Tata Air Services, a weekly mail service between Karachi and Chennai. And now, you see where it is.

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