Not having financial backing can be burdensome for many people. The story of Vijay Singh Rathore, now 60 years old, will definitely have you starting work early to secure all your dreams in life. Although he did not have access to education from a young age, his entrepreneurial spirit and hard work have made his street food establishment better than most commercial outlets.

Indore Johny Hot Dog

From the age of 8, he worked in the canteen at Government Engineering College, Indore and served tea and snacks to all university students and guests. Her job was to serve delicious meals, and she set out to fill their appetites before they left the canteen. At the time, their tortilla de pan was a bestseller.

When he was 11 years old, he had his own food stand which he put together by collecting Rs. 4,500 of your savings. It was called Chappan Dukan. Unlike other stalls that sold samosas and kachoris, he wanted to do something different. She served aloo tikki, borrowed her mother’s recipe, and called them ‘hot dogs’ to create a stir among her customers.

Unlike the sausage hot dogs sold in most places, this hot dog was tasty for being traditional and elegant. Aloo tikkis are eaten quite frequently for breakfast or a snack. With your aloo tikki recipe, you could keep building chicken and lamb recipes from the same plate. With years of serving the same 3 courses, he finally got his break in 2005, when his shop served multiple customers from 11am to 11pm.

There came a point where customers were complementing his culinary skills and comparing them to other fast food giants like KFC and McDonald’s who were no match for him. So in 2018, Chappan Dukan became Johny Hot Dogs when Vijay’s son Hemendra started helping his business grow online. This helped them cater to a wider audience. Selling roughly 4000 hot dogs for Rs. 30 each, every day, Vijay’s business was really booming.

For the past 2 years, Johny Hot Dogs has managed to record a turnover of Rs. 3 million rupees a year. In fact, Vijay was also ordered to order the best dish on UberEats. To receive the honor, he flew to Hong Kong.

Indore friends, where are you? If you are inspired and want to try Johny Hot Dog’s most popular dish, visit or order today!

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