Recently, Microsoft organized a Bug Bounty program, in association with HackerOne. The recipient of the award, Laxman Muthiah, received $ 50,000 in prize money for detecting a mistake that could put anyone in control of any Microsoft account. Sounds scary?

This was a vulnerability detected by the Indian researcher. According to Microsoft, they had invited people to spot bugs and flaws that the company might have missed. Thanks to HackerOne, the Redmon-based behemoth, Muthiah got a great deal. The company is known for awarding cash prizes of between $ 1,000 and 1,000,000 to investigators who detect and report errors.

Muthiah thanked the company through an Instagram post. It caught the bug in November 2020 and Microsoft was quick enough to respond to its disclosure. He was previously assigned a different security impact which he had to clarify through back and forth emails. Ultimately, Elevation of Privilege was assigned who deemed this threat more important than critical.

In response to this tweet, many users on Twitter congratulated him on this victory.

Some users even asked how he did it and more information about the program that Microsoft’s Security Answer page instantly responded to.

According to his Twitter page, Muthiah is quite active in finding bugs and reporting them on various platforms. Thanks to his incessant curiosity, he was able to help a large company combat risk problems.

What do you think of this achievement?

Source: Gadget show

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