Looking back at last year’s global pandemic, around this time, most of us were retiring home not knowing what tomorrow holds for us. By staying indoors for months and working remotely, the world has changed dramatically. And also your travel habits. Now, when most routes have been reopened, airlines have tried to convince customers to jump back in. The scare is still there, but measures are being taken to avoid adversaries.

So how do you convince an entire nation and the world to fly again? Indigo Airlines did just that, one customer at a time. In just one night, the airlines found a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi, and used their photo on their billboard to advertise their airline’s operations. As a couple who love to travel, they are originally from Mumbai and weren’t sure they would get back to normal. Therefore, the airlines decided to go the extra mile by using billboards, billboards, social media, and personal suggestions. Have you ever received this kind of special treatment from an airline?

Through simple but compelling slogans, Indigo used a real-life couple to ask them when they would fly again. They also explained their security measures during these difficult times and how airlines left no stone unturned to make travel safe and adventurous for all passengers.

In fact, the airline convinced the whole country to talk about Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi and convince them to travel again. Check out this video of Mirchi Mahvash.

Wondering what your answer was? Obviously, they were convinced! And who wouldn’t?

Indigo used these following segments to build trust in its customers and rekindle their passion for travel,

  • Intriguing his entire communication system to convince a couple knowing that more couples would be interested in starting traveling again.
  • Regaining the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling since most of us stayed at home last year
  • Giving each communication a personal touch that made a couple become celebrities overnight!

Have you already figured out your travel plans?

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