Digitally, the world has made a serious progress compared to the last decade. We have certainly come a long way and it is amazing to see how much technical progress has helped us in our daily lives. In a similar vein, it looks like the Google Pixel – the popular semi-premium smartphone model – saved a man’s life in a horrific car accident.

Chuck Walker, a frequent user of Reddit, lists how Google Pixel’s ‘car crash detector’ feature helped save his life. He remembers how his bobcat loader fell into the ramparts and unfolded below. The worst part was he was in the vehicle. When he realized, he cried out for help but to no avail. He was suffering from multiple fractures and fractures of his te vertebral bones. His phone also had ‘Hey Google’ disabled. He was using Google Pixel 4XL at the time.

Thankfully, he could hear the sound of an airbud plugged in. With its ‘Car Crash Detector’ feature enabled on the phone, an emergency call was automatically sent to 11111. A sender was on the call asking him about his location. Rescuers from the nearby fire department soon arrived at the scene.

Everything was fine and Chuck was sent for recovery for the next 3 months. Today, he is back and happy that his phone was able to save his life. He also wrote about the incident on his Reddit profile.

The car crash investigation saved me many hours of trouble From Pixel_phone

According to the post, he asked how this technology works and his followers on Reddit answered their questions in addition to being happy about his speedy recovery.

Does your smartphone have similar security features?

Source: Storypic.

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