Many restaurants and food outlets have done their best to attract more and more customers. Some do this by introducing discounts for a limited period or offers like one plus one or combination meals. But to make things more interesting, this restaurant in Pune, Hotel Shivraj, offers a free Royal Enfield to anyone who can finish a 4kg platter in 60 minutes.

The thali, which costs Rs. 2,500, it is said to have 12 dishes with 4 kg of lamb and fish. It may seem easy to some, but the Thali can be a real challenge. Thali is non-vegetarian and includes dishes such as fried surmai, popcorn fried fish, tandoori chicken, dried lamb, lamb masala, chicken masala, and biryani prawns. The ‘Win a Bullet Bike’ contest requires participants to finish a non-vegetarian thali in 60 minutes.

The restaurant owner has placed five new Royal Enfield Bullet bikes on the veranda. The restaurant decided to come up with this idea to attract more customers and increase its sales amid the ongoing pandemic.

A resident of the Solapur district in Maharashtra, Somnath pawar, is said to have finished the thali in less than 60 minutes and took home the Royal Enfield bike.

Atul waikar, the owner of Hotel Shivraj, told India Today that the Bullet Thali contest has received a good response as several people have visited the restaurant to enter the contest.

Previously, the restaurant had also hosted a similar contest that required four people to finish the 8kg Ravan Thali in 60 minutes. The winner received a cash prize of 5000 rupees.

The thali and the restaurant have not only become popular locally, they have also attracted international attention. People have been showing up at the restaurant in hopes of competing for the bike. Do you think you have what it takes to finish the Thali? Share with us in the comment section.

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