Yogesh, a small chokha vendor from Versova Mumbai, recently attracted internet attention by trying to make ends meet. His post shared by Twitter user Priaynshu Dwivedi highlighted his struggles. In a post, Dwivedi mentions that he is the best Litti Chokha seller in the area and sells it at affordable prices. Yogesh wants to work for Zomato but can’t.

Check out the post on Twitter here.

In a matter of 2 days, this post shared by Dwivedi garnered over 1000 likes and a number of comments. Finally, Zomato also responded by saying that they would be willing to help Yogesh earn a good amount of income through sales on their official platform.

Zomato responded to Priyanshu asking for more information to connect with Yogesh.

It’s amazing to see small homeowners being given the opportunity to thrive on the power of social media. It has definitely become an integral part of our lives, helping us make a living selling things that resonate with audiences.

Twitterati was also impressed with Zomato’s quick response and willingness to help a human being.

This is how some of the users reacted to Zomato’s response.

Some other users also mentioned how Yogesh puzzles them with its variety and authenticity in taste. Their litti chokhas definitely cannot be compared to other sellers!

Mumbai friends, have you tried your litti chokha yet?

If not, you can expect to find it near you on Zomato! Congratulations to the entire team for making dreams come true!

Source: Hindustan Times

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