Food and beverage companies have been known to introduce new flavors to their product range to maintain a customer base. In fact, with the new editions, these companies aim to create a greater impact than before. However, Pringles recently announced a new flavor for their potato chips that no one can eat but is still going viral.

Earlier this week, Pringles announced the release of a limited edition version that it calls CryptoCrisp. This snack will not be available in any grocery store like the usual ones. The 50 packs of the new flavor only exist as NFT illustrations, and are auctioned exclusively on the Rarible platform.

The company featured its “limited edition virtual flavor,” CryptoCrisp, in social media posts it shared on Wednesday.

A representative of the media from Pringles told Fox News by email that the art depicts the ‘CryptoCrisp Flavored Pringles’ can, and is an original and unique design by artist Vasya Kolotusha. The series has 50 limited edition versions of the packaging design in an NFT marketplace, making this online-only ‘flavor’ available for purchase.

According to the company, all proceeds from the sales of this limited edition go directly to the artist and are exclusively available as NFT for auction in its Rarible marketplace.

Despite the famous brand’s latest fries being inedible, you can’t discourage your loyal customers from buying the latest flavor for them. Shortly after launch, the company completely sold off its limited digital inventory.

The initial price of the artwork was originally set at $ 2, the average price for a can of Pringles in the store, according to a company spokesman. However, deals on Rarible have risen to $ 539.74 as of Thursday night, according to Fox News.

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