We Indians have always been obsessed with love. There are some people who argue that coffee is the best, the fact that ‘tea’ has a special place in our hearts. Love and obsession aside, how much should you pay for cutting?

Not like the tea shop we know, NirjasA small tea stall at Mukundpur in Kolkata serves the best kuppa for Rs.1000. If it was a five-star restaurant with an important atmosphere that justified the price to some extent, it was not really alarming.

Nirjas There is a small tea stall with an umbrella on the roof and plastic chairs. You wouldn’t expect coffee to be so expensive. But trust us, the coffee they serve is worth every penny.

In this small tea stall, about 11 unique types of tea are served to everyone made from tea leaves from around the world. This includes Japan’s ‘Silver Needle White Tea’, which is the most expensive and sells for Rs 2.8 lakh per kg. Apart from that, Bo-Le tea is also sold at Rs 500,000 to Rs 2 lakh per kg.

Slightly less expensive varieties include Chamomile Tea (Rs. 1, 000 / kg), Hibiscus Tea (50,000 / kg), Rubios Tea (20,000 / kg), Okayati Tea (0002,000 / kg), Lavender Tea (1, 000 / kg). 000,000 / kg), Bai Mudan Tea (20,000 / kg) Yerba Tea and Mudan Tea starting from Rs 14 per kg and can go up to Rs 20,000.

Parthapratim Ganguly Shared that they sold other types like chocolate tea, white tea, corn tea, blue tea and other teas.

Asked about stepping on his tea stall, Gangula said, “Out of 1,000 people passing by my shop, 100 have been forced to stop here and grab a cup.” People who come first will just come back to taste the tea. ”

These shops sell tea leaves and powders to their customers who can enjoy the flavors in the comfort of their home.

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