The year of the pandemic has brought many lifestyle changes. However, the biggest change it has brought about is the way we all work. From teachers to corporate employees, everyone has been trying to get used to the new normal, working from home.

Since the close of last year, many companies have chosen to have the WFH culture considering the need for social distancing. While the idea has been new to many of us, for some it has become a challenge to keep things as professional as possible. We’ve all seen the broadcasts of virtual meetings shared online where people forget to turn off the microphone or cameras before doing their thing.

This has brought with it many funny and awkward situations. A year after the shutdown, it seems like people are still trying to discover the new normal.

Recently, Microsoft He has also shared a funny incident when the Microsoft Teams app notified an employee that their microphone was on mute, the user replied that it was because they were chewing on some stuffed vegetable samosas.

Microsoft was not offended by such an incident that any other employer could have committed. In fact, the tweet shared by the American tech company has since gone viral with over 2000 likes. People have been linked to this incident on a personal level and have also responded with funnier responses.

One Twitter user even gave an idea to make things easier for both the company and the employee. To which even Microsoft responded by saying, “There may be something there.”

The craving for fried Indian snack was everywhere and people couldn’t help but share it with everyone else.

What is the funniest incident that has happened to you during one of your online work calls? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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