Online shopping can be an unhappy experience at times. When people choose to buy a device or any other product online, they expect to pay for what they see. But there have been many incidents when people are misled by the seller or by anyone involved in the delivery chain.

Something similar has happened with Apple over the years. The brand may have received numerous complaints over the years where people tried to buy an Apple product online but ended up with something completely different.

Recently, a Thailand teen ordered a iPhone online, but got a rather unexpected product instead, an iPhone-shaped coffee table. According to Oriental Daily, the teenager has claimed that he had placed an order for an iPhone 7 on an e-commerce platform, Lazada, but instead received a full-size desk that resembles the shape and appearance of an iPhone 7.

However, it was not the online site that misled him. The teen has shared that he was unable to verify the product description before making the purchase. In fact, he wondered why the shipping cost was so high. It was only when he received a giant package that he realized that he had made a big mistake.

The teenager had posted a photo of his unexpected purchase and it has since gone viral. The huge table shaped like an iPhone7 along with the boy who accidentally ordered it has caused the Internet to be filled with jokes and experiences of its own.

The table looks quite interesting to be fair. A Korean company that sells the product has shared some photos of their table on Instagram. The desk is large enough for adults to use, and the entire top surface resembles the look of an iPhone 7.

From the screen to the home button, everything about the table is precisely proportioned, and there’s even a drawer that slides between the lines that are supposed to form the phone’s antennas.

You might be feeling lucky compared to the not-so-lucky guys who have been given bars of soap instead of your expensive purchase of iPhone products.

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