Indians have always loved fast food. There is a lot of variety from pizza, burgers to pasta. And with international brands like McDonald’s and Burger King, this market is constantly growing. But it looks like such an Indian brand will soon rule the market.

Mumbai-based fast-service restaurant chain Jumboking Soon its city will bring in 13 cities. Accordingly Dheeraj Gupta, Founder and MD of Jumboking, plans to grow the brand by Rs 100 crore in the next few years.

In 2001, the company relaunched its Vada Pav Quick-Service restaurant chain. The aim was to compete with international brands like McDonald’s or Burger King to make Vada Pav in Mumbai popular across the country.

Like the leading brands, Jumboking also offers a variety of other options, including Skizwan Vada Pav and Achari Vada Pav among others. The trend was very good among Mumbaikars, who encouraged jumboing in 200s to launch a nationwide Vada Pav QSR.

The opening of shops in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore did not allow jumboking to sustain the hyper around Vada Pav which initially excited Delhikars. The brand has spent billions on advertising but has yet to attract customers. Due to a lack of funding and conceptualization, Jumboking was discontinued in 2011.

The price factor was also important in pointing out its failure as the company realized that the average Mumbaikar would not be willing to spend more than Rs 20 on Vada Pav as it was a normal street food and could not bring the food chain to Rs 2 lakh. .

In 2015, the brand established itself as an Indian burger brand. It launched a range of burgers with international appeal, such as corn and spinach, crispy veggies and mac and cheese. That’s why the brand decided to relaunch its products with an international appeal yet with desi flavors.

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