April Fools Day has just ended. While the day comes once a year, it had a more important status as it came after the year of the pandemic. People needed to laugh a lot at something.

Celebrating the day like every year, many brands decided to come together and outdo each other. Several brands launched their fake products and services that day. And while some were smart enough to get the hang of the trick, there were many who were pretty easily convinced.

Urban Company

Asia’s Largest Home Service Provider, Urban Company, he had an interesting way of fooling people. The brand researched all those who have had a real struggle to get up in time for their morning zoom calls. Urban Company’s new #AlarmAtHome service was said to send a trained professional to wake you up from your sleep, no matter what.


WaveCo-founder and CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal He devotedly implemented the April Fools’ joke with a video ad for the so-called Ola AirPro, a fully autonomous electric flying car. The company released an official announcement of the launch of said car. And well! We have to say that they fooled us for a second there.


To engage your customers, Volkswagen decided to improve on April Fool’s game and change the brand name. The car brand announced the launch of the Voltswagen, which is “similar to Volkswagen, but with a renewed focus on electric driving.”


Talk about being futuristic! Flipkart He fooled us all in the most unexpected way. The brand claimed that they will now accept Bitcoins as a form of payment.


Keventers He’d built the joke for days marketing his not-so-real Bhang-flavored smoothie. It was only on April Fools’ Day that the brand revealed that joke on its Instagram account and we were disappointed.

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