Do you remember your favorite Munna Bhaiya from Mirzapur and Mirzapur Season 2? Actor Divyendu Sharma came out with his new role in Bicchoo Ka Khel released by ALTBalaji. Apparently, the marketing tactics worked very well for this series, long before its official launch, making fans eager to accept the actor in a new light, which was similar to his portrayal in Mirzapur.

ALTBalaji managed to garner social media posts with meme-worthy content, brand collaborations, and digital content creators to promote the series. Akhil, played by Divyendu, is the star of the show. This is how campaigns were run one after another.

Ghadi Ki Ulti Sui

This was the first marketing campaign for the show, showing a counterclockwise direction on the clock that kept us hooked on our seats. Something big was coming, and soon!

Official Logo Reveal

Bicchoo Ka Khel was announced in November 2020, around Diwali. This was the official reveal of the logo by ALTBalaji.

The trailer is here!

The trailer that made us want more! Divyendu’s performance is what made this show a real treat to watch after its success in the Mirzapur franchise. And guess what? Her character Akhil resonates with Munna Bhaiya in the best possible way.
The stories are different, but the heart wants what it wants.

Dialogue Akhil Ki Baazi

Akhil, aka Divyendu, brings you some of his popular dialogues, on Dialogue Baazi straight from this web series. Also featuring, Rashmi ka Anokha Andaaz!

The digital track

The official background score for Bicchoo Ka Khel is now live and streaming to your ears.

Memology On Point

How can a marketing campaign survive in the 21st century without the meme game? This is how ALTBalaji did it.

Creators, influencers and more

Kusha Kapila and Chetan Bhagat were some of the few people who promoted Bicchoo Ka Khel, praising Divyendu and Urvashi Dholakia. [better known as Komolika] for his performance and appearance on the show. Have you already seen their IGTV?

Kusha Kapila tried to copy the character of Urvashi from Komolika

Inspired by the writer himself, this is how Divyendu learns to write from Chetan Bhagat.


So if you’ve already seen it and want to know what the critics think, this review video is sure to make you watch it again.

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