Anand Mahindra, President of Mahindra and Mahindra Group, Remains in constant discussion about his social media posts. Anand Mahindra has always encouraged and encouraged people to work harder than expected with less resources.

He has now shared a similar post on his Twitter handle which is really amazing. Anand Mahindra has shared a post in which a person has converted his vehicle into a luxurious house.

Arun Prabhu from Chennai has converted his house into another one. The house looks amazingly spacious and has plenty of ventilation as well. There is also a roof and a window to dry your clothes.

A post shared by Anand Mahindra states that a man named Arun Prabhu built the house at a cost of just Rs 1 lakh. This mobile home can be taken anywhere.

Sharing this post, Anand Mahindra wrote that Arun has shown the power of small space through this demonstration which can be a big trend for those who are interested in traveling after the Corona period.

He further said that I would like to ask if Arun is ready to design a ‘more ambitious space for bolero pickups’. He asked further Twitter To help contact Arun.

Not only that, Arun has also installed solar panels on the roof of the house and some batteries have also been installed in the mobile house so that it can be supplied and run without electricity connection.

This means that in this house you will get every facility you have in any other house. According to the information received, the house also has a water storage facility so that water can also be supplied.

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