Kolkata is quite popular for its variety of street food including phuchkas, kathi rolls, chaat, and more. Speaking of muffin assortments, have you heard of a giant chicken egg roll from this restaurant in Garia? Clearly, this is the world’s largest chicken roll ever made, now selling for Rs. 349.

On an Instagram account called India Eat Mania, a video was posted highlighting how this roll is done. It is definitely not made for 1 and represents about 23-26 inches from the base. Check out this video to get your taste buds craving for more.

The base is made with three beaten eggs, including spicy and savory fillings, lots of veggies, mixed chunks of chicken kebab, paneer tikka, and Shammi kebabs. There is a final garnish of onions, garlic, cheese, masala, and lemon juices that makes the whole experience healthy.

So far this video has been seen by several people and many have seen the restaurant in Garia first hand. There has been nothing but praise for this food place.

If you live in Kolkata and you love to eat muffins, you must visit this restaurant to experience something extraordinary. In the headlines, this food place has gained quite a bit of popularity since this video was released. Also, if you don’t like chicken, you can also try their Kathi paneer and veggie rolls.

Would you go and indulge your senses with this heavenly pleasure?

Fountain: India today

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