Rival brands are always seen pitting each other in their advertising campaigns. Not only do they make a great campaign, but they are also fun for their customers to witness the healthy pranks. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Brands have been trying to bring each other down for a long time.

Recently, Microsoft has decided to follow the tradition and has made an announcement on why it should ditch Apple products. In the ad, the brand has teased Apple iPad Pro. This is not the first time that Microsoft has pursued its archrival. Microsoft and Apple have had this bittersweet relationship for years.

In this ad, a teenager who was in Microsoft’s previous ad can be seen comparing Apple’s iPad Pro and Surface Pro 7.

According to the teenager in the video, these are some of the good reasons why you should ditch Apple’s iPod Pro and go for the Surface Pro 7.

– First of all, the Surface Pro has a built-in kickstand, while the iPad Pro doesn’t.

– The Surface Type Cover clicks and connects easily to the keyboard, whereas the Apple iPad Pro doesn’t come with a keyboard. You have to buy them separately. And Apple’s is much heavier comparatively.

– In terms of connectivity, Surface comes with access to multiple ports to make it more accessible. Whereas for Apple, there is only one port which can sometimes be a challenge.

– Now iPad Pro is a tablet and that’s it, while Surface Pro is not just a tablet, but a complete computer that can be used on the go.

– Lastly, it all comes down to price. Despite the added perks, the Surface Pro 7 costs $ 880 while the iPad Pro costs $ 1348.

It may be true that both products have their own charm and benefits, but only those who have used both can say which one is really better. Which one would you go to? Tell us in the comment section.

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