Rahul dravidrecent advertising campaign of I SUPPOSE He has left us all talking to his angry avatar of Gunda. The announcement was so much fun to watch that not only his fans, but the entire internet was shocked. Many brands also did their best to make advertising trending on social media.

With this recent ad campaign, we have been thinking about all the amazing advertisements that Rahul Dravid and other Indian cricketers have featured in the past. These are some of those iconic ads that I’m sure most of you remember seeing on your television.

Jam for ‘Jammy’

Jammy was a nickname given to Rahul Dravid long before he entered the Indian Cricket team. In this Kissan Jam ad, Rahul Dravid enters the Jammy contest for his love of jam.

Jam fo ‘Jammy’ again

Rahul Dravid’s love for Jam was best showcased in this Kissan Jam ad where the cricketer takes so many avatars just to satisfy his craving for a good jam.

Indian cricket team with the king of the jungle

Pepsi has been associated with the Indian cricket team for a long time. This led to a series of brand advertisements featuring one or the entire cricket team. The brand has always shown the funny side of the cricketer. For example, we all remember the one in which Harbhajan Singh, also known as Bhajji, awakens the lion with his beautiful shot.

Shahrukh Khan as Sachin

This iconic advertisement will always remain in our memories where Shah Rukh Khan pretended to be Sachin Tendulkar just to enjoy a can of Pepsi. Just when he thinks he’s been successful, it’s Sachin’s turn to hit. A nervous Shah Rukh is then rescued by the true blaster master.

Pepsi Generation Next with Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid has always been known as’ Mr. Cool’. The cricketer is known for his sincerity and hard work. At Pepsi, Rahul can be seen practicing his game as two women try to figure out if he’s that hard-working for real or just for show.

Gillette ‘The best a fan can get’


Rahul Dravid in this heartfelt Gillette ad shows what a true fan is and how they should be respected. Cricket is not just a game in India, but a passion, even as big as any other festival in the country.

Rahul Dravid is sensitive to his things

In this Apcolite Enamel ad, Rahul Dravid wants to redecorate his home but doesn’t want the designer to touch anything. Sensitive for his stuff is not how his fans would imagine the cricketer would be, but for the role, Rahul was quite convincing.

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