Your course of life can change overnight. This was the case on this 28-year-old Kerala man’s trip, when he became a professor at the IIM after serving as a night guard. Ranjith R Panathoor describes her journey by encouraging her friends and family on Facebook to dream big until they do.

Ranjith Ramachandran, now an assistant professor at IIM, Ranchi, shared a photo of his old dilapidated tile hut, covered with a tarp, on Facebook and recounted his inspiring journey.  (Photo via social networks)

Share a photo of his ramshackle shack where he lived. Captioning it ‘an IIM teacher was born here’, his post garnered over 37,000 likes with even Finance Minister TM Thomas Isaac congratulating him on his trip.

How did Ranjith emerge from humble beginnings?

He used to work as a night watchman at the BSNL telephone exchange in Panathur in Kasargod. Back in the day, he used to study at St. Pious X College, always dreaming of succeeding with his dedication. Due to his hard work, he was able to graduate with honors and soon joined IIT Madras. However, he was disappointed after realizing that he cannot continue studying with his knowledge of only one language: here, Malayalam.

However, thanks to his mentor, Dr. Subhash, he was persuaded not to give up his degree and eventually earned his Ph.D. from the prestigious institution. After 2 months, he became an assistant professor at Christ University, Bengaluru.

In the moments when you feel defeated, it is your choice to overcome it or suffer a breakdown. In Ranjith’s case, he maintained his firm determination and chose education as the key weapon to overcome his social and economic backwardness. In fact, the finance minister was also inspired by his story.

Do you know someone or are you the one trying to change your life for the better?

Fountain: Hindustan Times

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