During the global pandemic that has spread its wings for more than a year, carrying out regular activities such as shopping for groceries creates fear of contracting the virus due to the proximity to vendors and the way certain people check fruits and vegetables with hands. With many companies and delivery partners connecting with local supermarkets to make home delivery a viable option, this company in Singapore has eliminated the means of communication, humans, to deliver its groceries. Wondering how?

They have deployed a couple of robots to facilitate deliveries anywhere in the state. This technology has been powered by OTSAW Digital and is called ‘Camel’. For a 1-year trial, it has expanded to over 700 families.

How can you use the application?

To buy daily grocery items like milk and eggs, you can place an order in the app and it will send you a notification as soon as the robots are close enough to your spot. Drop off space will be provided and you can also place a collection point such as your building entrance or interior lobby.

What makes these robots so wonderful? They are equipped with a camera, 3D sensors, two compartments that help them carry 40 kg worth items (20 kg each). Each robot is capable of 4 to 5 deliveries per day. On weekends, their service is limited to noon.

These robots are also self-cleaning to maintain hygiene. After each trip, they use UV lights to disinfect themselves. Just to ensure that all deliveries are made on time without errors, the robots are accompanied by a coworker at each delivery. Soon, the company hopes to eliminate the need for a human employee with robots.

What do you think of this invention?

Fountain: Hindustan Times

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