Known for its 100% literacy in India, Kerala has some of the brightest minds leading the world and some of these billionaires are the best examples of the same. These individuals have done it on their own through their companies and continue to amaze the world with their tenacity to outdo themselves.

Here are the 5 richest billionaires in Kerala.

MA Yusuff Ali

MA Yusuff Ali, known as one of the richest Indian tycoons in the Middle East, is a billionaire renowned for his car collection. He has a net worth of $ 4.8 billion and heads LuLu Group International. He also owns the largest shopping mall in India – Lulu Mall in Kochi, Kerala.

Gopalakrishnan Sennapathy

Popularly known as Kris Gopalakrishnan, he is the co-founder of Infosys and has a net worth of $ 3.3 billion. Although he retired in 2014, he continues to invest in Axilor Ventures.

B Ravi Pillai

B Ravi Pillai is the founder and CEO of the RP Group of Companies. He has a net worth of $ 2.5 billion and is one of the most recognized business moguls in the Middle East.

Byju raveendran

Everyone in India knows Byju Raveendran, the founder of Byju’s along with his wife. With investors like Mark Zuckerberg and Tencent, his company is worth $ 12 billion today.

SD Shibulal

Shibulal is also one of the founders of Infosys. Along with Gopalakrishnan, he has also invested in Axilor Ventures and currently has a net worth of $ 1.69 billion.

Fountain: GQ India

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