The concept of advertising campaigns has changed a lot over the years. Brands are very focused on the advertising concepts that will resonate the most with viewers. These campaigns have a social message or have a quirky feel and can leave the desired impact on all of us.

YouTube Ads LeaderBoard has published the list of Top 10 Ads in India that have had the most resonance with viewers in the last month.

Summa Semma Zomato | Anirudh Ravichander

This announcement of Zomato It is about the express delivery service that the brand offers its customers with a modern song to sing. The ad shows a young man starting his day and ending it with the help of instant deliveries from Zomato.

Unacademy | The biggest lesson

Learning from the life lessons of the cricket god Sachin Tendulkar, Unacademy encourages students to learn from their failure and dive harder than ever. The video is sure to give all cricket fans and even non-cricket fans goosebumps.

Do Pahiyon Ka Swag with Rapidohh!

Fast is a two-wheeler ride-sharing app that, with its latest ad campaign, says its services will get you to your destination faster and at convenient prices.

ROG Phone 5 | @CarryMinati | Rule them all

The fame of Youtube Carryminati was the face of the new Asus ROG 5 Phone said to be the ultimate gaming phone. This ad campaign was a launch ad for the phone that was launched on March 10, 21.

#SheIsCompleteInHerself – A Prega News Women’s Day initiative | Mona Singh (Hindi)

For the women’s day campaign, Pray news launched a heartfelt ad campaign about something that not many brave people talk about in our society. Prega News encourages its viewers not to feel incomplete under any circumstances because it is the things we can do for others that truly complete us.

Paytm presents “The Divide” | A social experiment

This social experiment of Paytm It is a true revelation for all of us. We often talk about the gender inequality and financial pay gap that men and women have today, but rarely do we talk about the equality of financial education that is most needed today.

The periods are #BloodNatural | Let’s end the period of shame | The Body Shop India

The Body Shop India is trying to enlighten society with this ad campaign to normalize period conversations because they are ‘Bloody Natural’.

Levi’s® we all move

‘When you take a step, we all move’ is the motto behind Levis‘latest ad campaign. Starring Deepika Padukone, the ad has wonderful music that is sure to get you moving a bit.

Regular income from debt plans

Canara Robeco Mutual Fund informs people that debt mutual funds offer lower risk returns compared to equity funds when investing in government securities, corporate bonds, and money market instruments, which tend to provide regular returns on their investments.

TITAN RAGA | Happy International Women’s Day

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we need to make time for the things and people we love the most. With this advertising campaign, Titan body she’s celebrating women’s day and asking them to take more time for themselves.

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