IELTSMaterial is a comprehensive solution for IELTS exam preparation. It is a well-known platform that offers numerous free and paid resources to pass the IELTS exam with the highest possible band score. It provides facilities such as one-on-one live sessions, video lectures, webinars, e-books, practice tests, and many other IELTS preparation resources.

Students have the option of choosing from three core course options: live sessions, video lectures, and e-books.

As mentioned above, IELTS Material offers various courses to meet the needs of students.

Comprehensive comprehensive preparation course for Band 8 (video course)

The self-paced video conferencing course covers all four sections of the IELTS test: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It comes with 20+ hours of video content, 5 full-length. mock tests, group 8+ sample responses to compare and improve your test performance. Also, lifetime access to the purchased course is an added benefit that comes with the course.
You can also purchase a single part of the comprehensive course, such as the Speaking, Listening, Reading, or Writing Band 8 Prep course. These courses are really useful if you already have course material or you just want a course on a particular section with additional recent IELTS content and questions.

All of these courses are specially designed to prepare your basics. These courses contain up-to-date questions and answers that appeared on recent IELTS tests and help you become familiar with the test format and patterns. It also contains strategies and tips to help you improve your band’s overall score. IELTS Comprehensive Band 8 Complete Preparation Courses also come with free study materials such as e-books.

Important features of the courses:

  • Comprehensive preparation courses cost $ 90 and individual courses cost $ 30.
  • 20 to 40 hours of video sessions
  • Dedicated Band 9 Instructors
  • Sample band 8+ answers
  • 8 to 10 practice exams (varies by course structure)
  • Lifetime money back guarantee

Free resources

IELTSMaterial provides a wide range of free IELTS preparation material on its platform. You can choose from tips, tricks, strategies, practice tests, and vocabulary lessons to improve your English language skills for IELTS tests in the same format as the real test. In addition, they also update their website with accurate IELTS test information to help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Live Online Sessions

IELTSMaterial also incorporates instructor-led, live online learning sessions, providing IELTS aspirants with 24 hours of one-on-one personal training sessions and over 24 hours of self-study online learning material, access to 5 timed mock tests of full duration, 45+ hours of practice questions. If you are interested in live sessions, you can sign up for a trial class. Unlike other institutes, instead of offering a demo lecture, IELTS trainers in IELTSMaterial will take a mock test to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and feedback will be shared within the test class along with tips and tricks for improvement. your weaknesses. You will also learn time management skills through regular practice sessions in the form of homework and mock tests. It is ideal for those who require personalized attention.


The IELTSMaterial e-book feature will help you review numerous questions that previously appeared on the IELTS test. This portal helps you identify the topics that are essential and require practice. In addition to the questions, these e-books also include sample answers to help you compare your answers and improve your test-taking skills.

If you prefer to practice only one section of the IELTS test, IELTSMaterial also provides e-books dedicated to each IELTS section, such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. Apart from these, it also provides e-books on topics likeIELTS vocabulary and self-study guides. These books will help you challenge your current knowledge.

How does IELTSMaterial help improve your IELTS band score?

IELTS Material is preferred over other IELTS training institutes because, unlike many portals, it does not play fast and loose with its guarantees. Other institutes require an arduous amount of work and file student claims on impossible deadlines.
On the other hand, IELTSMaterial only asks you to take all the required mock tests, take each session regularly, and work on your weaknesses. For detailed feedback on areas that require more practice, you can join live one-on-one sessions.
That being said, the IELTSMaterial portal is easy and simple to navigate and use. The course content is reasonably priced and offers a wealth of options to choose from between live and recorded sessions.

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