Mobile Premier League (MPL) is celebrating the IPL season to the fullest. The app is one of the main sponsors of Kolkata Knight Riders, owned by Shah Rukh Khan, who has signed a three-year contract with the team.

However, it may seem that the brand has gone a bit further with its enthusiasm. From what we’ve seen in the app’s latest social media activity, the admin has liked some pretty old celebrity posts on Twitter. Baffled by this, celebrities have been tweeting and wondering what’s going on.

Tanmay bhat, a comedian and co-founder of AIB had a hilarious reaction when he received notification that MPL liked some of his old tweets. The old tweets shared by the comedian were also quite funny and an embarrassed Tanmay cheekily said “Tab main apni akal ka dushman tha”.

Another comedian Vipul goyal, he was also surprised to see that MPL liked his old tweet. Vipul wrote: ‘Arey bhai @PlayMPL, purane tweets kyun as kar raha hai. Maaf kar de muje .. Tab meri akal ghaans charne gayi thi. ‘

MPL did not give up the opportunity and responded the comedian in his funny way.

Old Indian cricketer Wasim jaffer He also shared a screenshot of old tweets that MPL recently liked. The tweets were fun to read and confusing. Wasim said: “Social media ki akal abhi nayi nayi aayi hai.” To which MPL also had an ingenious response.

If you read carefully, you will see how MPL kept asking celebrities to form their fantasy team at MPL with #HaiAkalKheloMPL. With the start of IPL 2021, MPL has launched its ‘Hai Akal Khelo MPL’ campaign. Turns out all the fun on Twitter was promoting their app and campaign this IPL season.

Soon, the threads went viral on Twitter and MPL was able to create quite a stir with their tweets. People jumped in and even called it the ‘ki ninja marketing technique’.

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